Useful Passage Planning Links

Passage Planning is a vital part of the cruising adventure. We’ve included some useful Passage Planning links, to start you off.

It doesn’t need to be arduous, but you do need to study charts, have backup plans, and brief everyone on board.

When an emergency hits, you won’t have time to read through details, find radio channels or phone numbers, discuss what everyone should do immediately.

You need to plan.

Passage Planning Links

Our manual:  Passage Planning – Including electronic charts Capabilities and Limitations contains Useful Passage Planning Links

We’ve included the photos and links here, too, to make access/viewing easier.

We don’t just load up pages of information and articles that are overwhelming. We either write the material or curate it. It is specific and important information.

Recommended reading page 32-34 at the minimum:

1) Grounding Article  (click the link where it says ‘report available here’)

2) Inaccurate Charts or Not?

3) Accident: Questions of Accuracy of Navionics Charts

4) Yacht Grounded

5) A fact sheet on unofficial charts can also be found here. 

Paper Charts and Electronic Charts

What you need to know know about updating both ENC and paper charts:


Everything commercial vessel operators should know about the accuracy of ENC.

Passage Planning Course

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