Find A Maritime Trainer YOU Are Comfortable With

Maritime training is a personal thing. It can also overwhelm, don’t you think? Especially at the beginning. The trick is to find a Maritime Trainer YOU are comfortable with, but how do you do that?

Call up the training organisation and speak to the trainer.

Find A Maritime Trainer YOU Are Comfortable With - call them up
Find A Maritime Trainer YOU Are Comfortable With – call them up

Invest in You

You are going to spend money, you are investing in your life. What you learn and how you apply it will change your life. It should change it for the better. It must build confidence, knowledge, and create a safe crew and a smoothly run vessel. It therefore MUST improve your life.

If you feel confident and safe, you feel good. You have bought a boat to enjoy life, haven’t you? You’ve invested in the boat and equipment – what about investing in you?

Recent Conversations

Every week I chat with potential students. The concerns are similar AND familiar!
“It’s overwhelming”
“I am telling myself I will fail before I begin”
“I am no good at maths”
“I have no idea where to start”
“There is so much to learn”
“I’ve lost all my confidence”
“My skipper does it all”
“I don’t understand what is going on, there’s too much to learn!”
“I’ll never get it!”

Guess what – THIS WAS ME – when I started. 
This is STILL ME! I struggle with Accounts/Maths generally – but I am rather marvellous at Navigation.

Why? because it means something – it means my safety. It means I can travel – I have control – I know what is going on and why things happen the way they do.

It also means I know exactly how you feel and that is why I have developed our training this way – with all this in mind.

And GUESS WHAT (2)? – After training commercial maritime at TAFE and now via SisterShip Training, those that admit these fears and have these struggles MAKE.THE.BEST.NAVIGATORS – they make the best crew. Because they want to learn, they learn thoroughly – and I am there to support you, every step of the way.

Knowledge breeds confidence - in turn it makes a great life on the water! Find A Maritime Trainer YOU Are Comfortable With
Knowledge breeds confidence – in turn it makes a great life on the water! Find A Maritime Trainer YOU Are Comfortable With

One Step At a Time

Our training builds up slowly. It includes a lot of practice. I explain every step in different ways, from different perspectives. After all, we all learn differently.

I know how long it took me to truly grasp all the elements. I know what worked to keep that information in my head and I know how to turn sitting at a desk with a pencil and ruler and chart INTO REALITY.

One Cup of Coffee at a Time!

So, that’s why our Navigation Package is going to be broken down into bite-sized sections. It already is, in effect, when you purchase the package, it comes in easily digestible sections. BUT I understand how looking at the entire course can be overwhelming.
Next month, you will be able to purchase one section at a time. So there will be many small ‘samplers’. They aren’t just samplers, of course, they will teach you what you need to know for that subject. But for the price of a cup of coffee or two, you can tackle (and pay for) just one subject at a time. Subscribe here to be one of the first to receive the announcement.

Support – find a maritime trainer you are comfortable with

Don’t sit and sweat over an answer or if your brain just won’t allow the new learning to sit comfortably. Pick up the phone and dial 0458 391660 – let me help. Let’s have a chat. Let me show you another way to see it – another viewpoint, another technique. Let me take that worrisome knot in your tummy and kick it into the next ocean.

An Added Bonus – Avoid Seasickness

I also found, that being confident in my boat AND my ability was a great way to avoid getting seasick!


A recent testimonial, from a husband of a woman who had completed the navigation course, “{she} has tried three other navigation courses, and couldn’t get through any of them. Yours is the first that she has completed, enjoyed, and learned.”

Coming soon: Emergency Procedures. Interactive and fun – it’ll make you think. Are You Ready? Follow us here or here.

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