Overdue vessel? or EPIRB Activation? What would you do?

Overdue vessel? or EPIRB Activation? What would you do?

Who do you ring if a family member or friend is on a vessel that is overdue? What about if you accidentally activate your EPIRB?

Here’s what you need to know:

If you accidentally activate your EPIRB call this number: 1800 641 792 (AMSA)

If a vessel is overdue call this number (AMSA Maritime 24-hour helpline): Within Australia: 1800 641 792   /    Outside Australia: +61 2 6230 681


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Accidental Activation

If your beacon is accidentally activated, switch it off immediately and contact the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) on 1800 641 792. There is no penalty for accidental activation.

Click here for more contact details at AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority)

Click here for more information on Using Your Beacon


Of course, if there is an emergency, call 000 for help. For assistance with search and rescue services, call AMSA.

Our search and rescue region covers the Australian continent and large areas of the Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans as well the Australian Antarctic territories.

This region is nearly 53 million square kilometres (one-tenth of the Earth’s surface) and borders the search and rescue regions of 10 other countries.

Amazing Service

We were involved in the radio communication of a marine incident, in the Indian Ocean. Australia’s SAR (Search and Rescue) team was instantly on standby with one call, to gear up and rescue!
Listen to the story on Podcast here, or read about it here.


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