Creative Way to Learn Navigation

Do you want to learn navigation – not just learn it but – but really understand and grasp it all thoroughly?

Do you want to join a fun group where there are no such things as silly questions?

Learn – Understand – Practice – Absorb

We’ve devised a system that walks you through every step, online/live, with a unique camera set up to present live chart work so you can understand and see every process. We allow practice time, questions, walking and talking through every aspect of Navigation.


Feedback so far has shown that this system is working very well!

“The course was fabulous and I found the Zoom format worked very well. It was lovely to do something with others, but not in a high-pressure environment which enabled me to really understand rather than just learn.” B.T.

The ones who want to learn are thriving with online/interactive learning!

More info here

Through many years of commercial and recreational boating, we’ve devised a step-by-step course where each element builds on the last.

“You have a fantastic product!” B.C.

With a mix of delivery, sharing of experiences, and tried and trusted ways to train, this course really works.

With real-life scenarios, we turn chart work into reality.

Now’s a good time to book as we have a sale and a subsidy via Pantaneius Yacht Insurance, and we have some places available commencing 18th July.

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