Safety at Sea

What happens if I lose my rudder?

Wouldn’t it be great to hear about real-life scenarios on losing your rudder?

What about storm preparation? Communications? Flooding? Abandoning Ship?

When you set off for a record-breaking Antartica trip you HAVE to get this right!

So YOU have a unique opportunity to discuss these matters with Lisa Blair who has had first-hand experience with these scenarios. Book Now – dates/times!

Still not sure? Read the testimonials:

“A truly Informative session.  A lot of the content covered things and answered questions which have been bothering me for some time.  It is difficult to find clear answers to these questions on the internet.  Thank you Lisa.”  Jill Brunelli-Brondex

“Great Lisa.  You make a lot of theory very practical.”  John Allen

“A fantastic day!  I have so much better knowledge.  Still Terrified of how much I don’t know.  I hope you’re making a movie.”  Kate Humphries

“I think that the coverage was fairly complete.  I had no questions after completion.  Excellent presentation.  I would thoroughly recommend it.” Rod Morphett.

“Loved the day!  So much information and knowledge shared in such a short time!  Loved the interaction and exchange of information.”  Daniel Brunelli-Brondex

“Really interesting!  Very enjoyable day”.  Joanna Copeland

“Thank you Lisa, this was a very practical course with great technical knowledge gained from incredible experience.”  Carolyn Crossman

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