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Fire on board

Do you have your escape route planned should a fire onboard happen?   Terrible news today. This reminded me of an incident we had on board Mariah II. Fire onboard, two bodies found. On Mariah, we on the step (above the engine), to step in/out, we set a mosquito coil to burn through the night, …

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Dragging Anchor

Dragging anchor is a bore at best, dangerous, and life-threatening, at worst. We’ve dragged anchor many times, in fierce conditions, and in calm water. We’ve come close to losing our boat and always had to act quickly. Learning navigation means you learn how to use your compass effectively in many different ways, including anchoring safely. …

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Control that Boom!

Boom Boon From Generous Gent It had the potential to kill. The monster was sixteen feet long and solid. The aluminium boom swung at head height, an accidental gybe could be fatal. Although it’s not always useful, I am quite attached to my head. Necessity breeds invention and reluctantly we admit that one of our …

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Onboard Paperwork

What official paperwork do you need onboard your boat?   We’ve received requests for the following documentation at various times during our travels: (Ensure you check the requirements for the country you are visiting.)   Imperative Visas Passports The ship’s papers (original certificates) Crew lists – multiple copies at hand The original insurance certificate for …

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Weather Manual for Cruisers

Many years of combined knowledge, recreational and commercial sailing the world.   Weather – we can’t avoid it. Good or bad it’s always with us but with study and observation we can better prepare and, at times, choose the conditions we’d like to tackle. (For more details and full contents, scroll down: includes southern hemisphere/Australian …

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Log Book

A fantastic log book compiled with over 150 years worth of boating experience.   A ship’s log book is a great way to recreate your journey, keep records and later, look back at what you have achieved. Your log book is an ally, and a travel companion. Think of it as a ‘good-seamanship’ task. The …

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