1. Where on Earth Are We? And What Does That Mean?

$5.00 AUD

Understanding how degrees, minutes, and seconds are measured really helps you understand latitude and longitude and how it all works. This leads on to fewer mistakes, because instantly you can see when something isn’t right. For example, 61° or 60° 01’

This topic includes:

  • What do the co-ordinates mean
  • Latitude
  • How the angles are measured
  • Longitude (meridians)
  • How the angles are measured
  • The great circle
  • Time conversions: from minutes to decimals of a degree and from second to decimals of a minute
  • Sample conversions
  • Practice quizzes


This includes full support, you can call/email us for help if you need it.

The individual module costs are refundable if you complete any of the modules (up to 9) and then decide to purchase the complete Navigation course (enroll for $99).