Building Resilience with BrainGym

During our recent program to help young people build resilience, we teamed up with Kristi Sproates from Appy Connections and she helped the program by building resilience with BrainGym.

Appy Connections

Appy Connections is Creating a Community of Diverse Learners.

Kristi Sproates is a Developmental Educator and BrainGym Instructor/Consultant, offering innovative and dynamic pathways to activate and integrate the mind, body, and heart.

Offers include 1:1 sessions, accredited training, and workshops delivered to children, teens, and adults.

At any age or stage, the potential for learning and connection exists. Moving together and forward we grow our community.


Kristi Sproates is a Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant offering 1:1  Educational Kinesiology sessions as well as courses and workshops teaching people the Brain Gym® movements

BrainGym helps to become more focused, grounded, and ready/willing to participate fully in learning and living.

Contact Kristi at Appy Connections here for more information.

Thoughts and Feelings – Capture and Release Program

BrainGym and Kristi were an integral part of the program. Helping to ground participants and bring them back to the moment. It helped release creative juices for some extraordinary photography and writing (as well as sailing). Follow us to view the magazine we put together – coming very soon!

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