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Thoughts & Emotions – Capture and Release

Our recent program: Thoughts and Emotions – Capture and Release has been captured in a magazine. I had such fun designing it (I’m no designer but the software makes it so easy!) but the creativity of the participants saved the day. The magazine will be ready to view soon, in the meantime, here’s the editorial:


I know how sailing settles my soul, how writing and photography help me to harness my emotions and even understand them.

I had a great childhood but I still had the peaks and troughs of emotions that sent me (and my family) crazy at times. And that’s why I wanted to share my coping techniques with others. I was thrilled that the Australian and NSW Government recognised the value of this program.

My sailing friend (and professional colleague) Annette Hesselmans was sailing past in March with only just enough time to stop for one day before she sailed north again (with her partner Gerry) to the next event.

Their beautiful sailing vessel “Fika” (pronounced Fee-ka) glided around Eden Bay coping with the glorious mayhem of excited new sailors. Annette (Skipper) and Gerry gave us a stunning day, supported everyone on board, and fed us with yummy home baking.

We all felt blessed with the perfect weather of a calm bay and soft wind. It may have been cloudy but I think we all were glad we didn’t bake in the sun.

It was magical. All the adults on board (skippers, crew, and carers) agreed that we witnessed writers, photographers and sailors in the making.

I hope I have given the group some tools and techniques to help them build resilience for whatever life throws at them next. It’s often not the situation we are faced with but how we react that makes us cope and become stronger.

Most mornings I practice gratitude with a ‘good morning’ video of our view (our horses and sheep) that I share on FB. It helps me focus on the beauty around me, as I think about the image and the words I capture.

Writing, photography, and adventures are my tools and I am so grateful for the opportunity to hand them on to others who may need them.

Thanks to a great group and great parents/guardians, carers, skippers, and crew who supported the program. Thanks, also to Appy Connections, Playability, Teen Clinic, Eden Game Development Centre, Woolworths Bega, Twofold Bay Yacht Club, Transport for NSW, Paper Sailors Rock, and SisterShip Training.

I hope to run this program again, so stay in touch and don’t forget to write!

Follow us to view the marvellous magazine, packed with creativity and now tools for resilience… coming soon!

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