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Good Seamanship = Safety = More Enjoyment

PartnerShip Training – soon to be launched!

Good seamanship translates to safety on the water, which means more enjoyment!

Training is imperative, for everyone. SisterShip Training offers courses for everyone and all-women courses when requested.

But everyone on board must have sound knowledge of all aspects, so we are pleased to announce some new courses, new learning channels, and talks you don’t want to miss.

Coastal Navigation Course SisterShip Training

Briefly (as we are still on alert with fires here in southern NSW):

  • Introduction to Boating Workshop – coming soon. (Many of these skills apply to land life too!)
  • Passage Planning Workshop – coming soon.
  • Passage Planning/Weather/Navigation manuals available for purchase (step by step) – coming soon.
  • Talk: How a middle-aged Cruiser turned Racer – first Ocean race, tackling the Melbourne to Hobart, the record we set, the message we carried.
  • ANNOUNCING: Our Navigation Course has a new segment! Electronic Charts: Appropriate and Safe Use.
  • Training courses online. Not just reading – videos, step-by-step processes, full support (you can call us!), webinars, a new way to learn great skills, save time and money by learning at home – and have fun – stay tuned!

The manuals/courses will also be provided at The Gathering at the Bay Conference, during the first week in April: more details here:  (2020 details coming soon, this link will provide an insight into previous events).

Make your cruising dreams a reality

Don’t forget the FB group Turning Your Cruising Dreams Into Reality – with lots of tips/advice, and they host the podcasts which are great for driving (or cruising) journeys: fun stories, practical advice.

Drop us a line anytime and let us know what it is you need to turn your cruising dreams into reality!

SisterShip navigation training

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