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Planning your trip is fun, but it is also a serious task and incredibly helpful, especially when those unexpected challenges create a twist in the journey. Your mind should fully explore where you plan to take your boat and crew.

All the information together with preparing for your journey can be overwhelming, but it is far better to have a good handle on the data pertinent to your trip at the start, before you untie the lines.

And it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Once you have one Float Plan or Passage Plan in place, it is easy to amend the details for following voyages.

You cannot sufficiently passage plan on electronic charts alone. You must view and study the big picture on paper charts. It is beneficial to plan using both paper charts and electronic charts.

While your plan doesn’t necessarily have to be as detailed as a commercial vessel’s, it is good seamanship and your responsibility to consider all these topics.

You’re the Skipper, you’re responsible.

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Passage Planning is a vital part of the cruising adventure. We’ve included some useful Passage Planning links, to start you off.

It doesn’t need to be arduous, but you do need to study charts, have backup plans, and brief everyone on board.

When an emergency hits, you won’t have time to read through details, find radio channels or phone numbers, discuss what everyone should do immediately.

You need to plan.

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