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Included in our manual “Coastal Navigation Questions & Answers” are hundreds of practice questions and answers, laid out to show all the workings and calculations.

Good navigation is the process of combining small, simple steps. That’s what we do, Keep It Simple with our Coastal Navigation Questions and Answers Book, in conjunction with our Coastal Navigation Training manual – it’s the perfect way to learn step-by-step..

We start with the basics and build gradually to provide everything you need to navigate safely and confidently – step-by-step.

This course (both manuals) is for beginners starting from square one, but also for those who need a refresher or for more experienced cruisers and boaters who want to expand their knowledge. In conjunction with our learning videos, you’ll quickly and easily learn and build on each step: Video/online Coastal Navigation Course.

If we are on the water we have to be prepared. Could you navigate your boat and yourself home?

Please note: to complete this hands-on course and practice questions you will need Chart AUS252 and appropriate Navigation Tools.

You can also complete the online course on our website.

Includes hundreds of practice questions with answers.

Testimonial: “I’ve tried three other navigation courses, this is the only one I have managed to work through and understand!”

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We’ve worked hard at honing the fundamental points of navigation for this course, but if I had to pick one it would be translating what you see on a chart into reality. For example, narrow passages and running tides; set and drift over a distance; measuring distance – understanding that ‘tiny measurement’ could be 90 metres; ZOC (Zone of Confidence) knowing where to take more care (another important aspect of paper charts); depths/soundings for anchoring and picking your way through reefs –  spring/neap tides; offsets on charts and how this applies to GPS readings.


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