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On a longer voyage, the log book should be written up regularly, every hour is recommended in addition to any notable events such as weather changes, radio communications, sighting other vessels, etc. If the log book is not kept up to date and you need to call for assistance you may not have the necessary information at hand to provide your position. Completing the columns regularly assists in a good on-watch routine.
The columns are for essential information. The Comments sections are for additional information, expanded details on weather (e.g. storm warnings), events/incidents on board, radio communications, on-watch/off-watch. Best of all, short notes on the people you meet and the adventures experienced will make this book a wonderful keepsake to look back upon time and again. More details and sample pages click here.


This log book has been compiled with recreational and commercial knowledge. We’ve included a contents page so you can easily find your main ports on each page, and dates relevant to the arrival and departure. The back the maintenance log allows you to keep track of imperative tasks. Together with useful formula, this log book is all you need to capture your journey in a professional, easy, and reassuring manner. Our log books have pride of place in our home and often accompany a fun evening of reflection and reminiscing.

*Each order includes a free ‘Introduction to boating” booklet.

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