Visitors On Board

What’s it like to live aboard? Well, you could always visit a friend with a boat, but it’s not as simple as turning up, there are things to learn BEFORE stepping on board! Rules for Staying on Our Boat We briefed visitors with a short email or telephone conversation before they arrived.  But many boat …

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Top Twenty Tips for Living on Board – Fun, but with some gems!

The Beginning of the End Reality Reflections (You can listen to this via podcast here) I didn’t talk to my husband for two days because his peculiar answers to my, perhaps, naïve nautical questions left me bewildered. Back then, as a mere fledgling to sailing, my raw researching met brutal honesty head-on. With travel and …

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What are Synoptic Charts?

Synoptic Information The synoptic information is compiled from hundreds of weather observations around Australia. To create a complete picture of the weather around the world, weather observations are taken at agreed times at weather stations worldwide. They are then plotted onto a synoptic chart. They typically range in size from hundreds to thousands of kilometres …

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