Why do a course?

What's the point of a course when you can learn as you go and find information online? A similar question was asked in a forum recently, which got me thinking. In Australia, you can set off in your own boat (non-commercial) without any license or qualification at all (over a certain speed you do need … Continue reading Why do a course?

Loss of Steering

Top 5 Tips for Emergency Steering An emergency tiller is an important back up to have on board. Stow the tiller in an easy-to-grab spot while at sea. Ensure everyone on board knows where it is and how it fits together and operates. A sea trial in a calm, relaxed situation is the time to … Continue reading Loss of Steering

Ditch Bag, Grab Bag, Flee Bag

Surviving is nice but getting rescued is better! If you’d like to listen to this story – click here for the podcast episode. The grab bag has several different names: ditch kit, jump and go bag, flee bag (sounds like my old dog), but whatever you prefer to call it when creating your bag, ask … Continue reading Ditch Bag, Grab Bag, Flee Bag

Breaking the Ice with a Net

(You can listen to this via podcast here) On the ocean, our radio is almost like a telephone (power permitting). Now, back in Australia we have used our HF (SSB) to speak to buddies in New Zealand. The crackle and buzz moving us to melancholy; we remember how great the radio was on our travels. … Continue reading Breaking the Ice with a Net

Storm Handling – Emergency Procedures

Here's what they are saying about Lisa Blair's Masterclass. Everyone is welcome, it is for all levels: Lisa shares her unique knowledge and experience.   "Lisa gave us very relevant information and we could ask specific advice for our boat.  She also didn't cover material that is already included in the Safety and Sea Survival … Continue reading Storm Handling – Emergency Procedures

Double the Angle off your Bow

Finding your position with double the angle off the bow This calculation takes advantage of the properties of an isosceles triangle. An isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length and consequently, it has two internal angles that are also equal. This rule is used when the second bearing between the bow of your boat … Continue reading Double the Angle off your Bow

Where on Earth are we?

More importantly, what does that mean? Navigation is basically the art of determining where you are and what direction and distance you must go. Therefore, we must learn to find out where we are and what that means for us. We do this by understanding the nautical chart, plotting our position, and laying off direction … Continue reading Where on Earth are we?

Introduction to Coastal Navigation Course

Calling all boaters SisterShip/Partnership Training is coming to Moreton Bay AND Sydney AND Port Stephens Moreton Bay: 21st and 22nd September at the stunning Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club: 34 Fairlead Cres, Manly QLD 4179 2. Sydney: 12th and 13th October at Pantaenius Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance,  33/6 Jubilee Ave, Warriewood NSW 2102 3. Port … Continue reading Introduction to Coastal Navigation Course


Introduction to Coastal Navigation “Jackie has broken down very complicated content and presented it in a logical sequence. Well done!” “Jackie is super, knowledgeable and very informative, great at explaining. Thanks for a wonderful weekend, I’ll be looking forward to your next course!” “This session was FANTASTIC!!!” “Thank you for such an enjoyable and comprehensive … Continue reading Testimonials

Safety at Sea

What happens if I lose my rudder? Wouldn't it be great to hear about real-life scenarios on losing your rudder? What about storm preparation? Communications? Flooding? Abandoning Ship? When you set off for a record-breaking Antartica trip you HAVE to get this right! So YOU have a unique opportunity to discuss these matters with Lisa … Continue reading Safety at Sea