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Log Book

A fantastic log book compiled with over 150 years worth of boating experience.   A ship’s log book is a great way to recreate your journey, keep records and later, look back at what you have achieved. Your log book is an ally, and a travel companion. Think of it as a ‘good-seamanship’ task. The …

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The Great Circle

The Great Circle is the largest circle that can be drawn around the Earth’s sphere. When cutting a sphere exactly in half you have cut along one of its great circles. All Meridians are great circles. The Equator is a great circle (i.e. cutting the Earth in half). Great circles are useful in planning routes …

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Longitude (Meridians)

The imaginary line drawn from the North Pole extending to the South Pole and running through Greenwich is the Prime Meridian. Just as the Equator divides the north and south hemispheres, the Prime Meridian divides the globe into east and west hemispheres. All lines on the Earth’s surface which run north to south as per …

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What do the Co-ordinates Mean? To find an exact position on Earth we must have two coordinates: Latitude and Longitude. Latitude and longitude are the lines that are drawn on charts (and maps). It is standard practice (and easier) to decimalise the minutes in order to use formulas for navigation. Latitude The equator: An imaginary …

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How to Read a Synoptic Chart

Hot or cold? Remembering that air flows clockwise around Low Pressure systems and anticlockwise around High Pressure systems, a fairly typical summer Australian weather map (below: Image One) shows: North to northwesterly winds over eastern Australia on the western side of a Tasman Sea high. They carry hot, dry air from inland Australia southward over …

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