Why do a course?

What's the point of a course when you can learn as you go and find information online? A similar question was asked in a forum recently, which got me thinking. In Australia, you can set off in your own boat (non-commercial) without any license or qualification at all (over a certain speed you do need … Continue reading Why do a course?

Moreton Bay Navigation Course – Round Up

A huge thank you to Morton Bay Trailer Boat Club.  In September they hosted SisterShip Training’s Navigation Course. The venue is spectacular, if you’ve not visited yet be prepared. Beautiful markets at the weekend Stunning location Fabulous food View to help you lose concentration! 😉 Helpful and friendly team, they made us all feel very … Continue reading Moreton Bay Navigation Course – Round Up

It’s a bit sexist isn’t it?

Why aren't men allowed?   Well, they are! Yes, we've previously run a few all-women navigation classes, because they asked us to. Now the classes are open to everyone. It wasn't about leaving anyone out, it was fulfilling a request. Now, men are joining in. It's great, looking forward to meeting you all. Coastal Navigation: … Continue reading It’s a bit sexist isn’t it?

The Southern Cross – Finding South

southern cross finding south

It’s easy to identify the Southern Cross (aka Constellation Crux) as it’s a compact group of bright stars close together in the form of, well, a cross.  The two pointers (aka Constellation Centaurus) are nearby pointing to the cross (diagram below). So, imagine the line between the two furthest apart stars (in the cross), extend … Continue reading The Southern Cross – Finding South

Subsidised Coastal Navigation Courses

A potential of $200 saving with SisterShip's training! We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration between Pantaenius Sail & Motor Yacht Insurance and SisterShip Training. We are both focused on reducing marine incidents and helping cruisers be safer on the water so we've partnered to bring you great value and NO EXCUSE for not … Continue reading Subsidised Coastal Navigation Courses

Navigation Tool Kit

Safety At Sea means looking after your equipment too! Navigation is an art, not a science and to perform this art well, you need good tools (especially on a moving boat). Nav Kit A navigation kit consists of:- A Portland plotter* Brass dividers Pencil compass Soft pencils Eraser Sharpener Calculator *Parallel rules or Portland plotter … Continue reading Navigation Tool Kit