Log Book

A fantastic log book compiled with over 150 years worth of boating experience.   A ship’s log book is a great way to recreate your journey, keep records and later, look back at what you have achieved. Your log book is an ally, and a travel companion. Think of it as a ‘good-seamanship’ task. The …

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Lightning storm at the Nicobars

Weather is fundamental to sailors. We used Weatherfax. Through our SSB (HF) radio (long-range) at certain times of the day and night, we could dial up a frequency, link the laptop to the radio, and receive synoptic charts. Simple software that we downloaded from the Internet decoded the signal. Receiving free twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six, forty-eight …

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Visitors On Board

What’s it like to live aboard? Well, you could always visit a friend with a boat, but it’s not as simple as turning up, there are things to learn BEFORE stepping on board! Rules for Staying on Our Boat We briefed visitors with a short email or telephone conversation before they arrived.  But many boat …

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Storm Handling – Emergency Procedures

Here’s what they are saying about Lisa Blair’s Masterclass. Everyone is welcome, it is for all levels: Lisa shares her unique knowledge and experience.   “Lisa gave us very relevant information and we could ask specific advice for our boat.  She also didn’t cover material that is already included in the Safety and Sea Survival …

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