coastal navigation course

Moreton Bay Navigation Course – Round Up

A huge thank you to Morton Bay Trailer Boat Club.  In September they hosted SisterShip Training’s Navigation Course. The venue is spectacular, if you’ve not visited yet be prepared. Beautiful markets at the weekend Stunning location Fabulous food View to help you lose concentration! 😉 Helpful and friendly team, they made us all feel very …

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Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds – Decimalise Example

Conversions If you are calculating the time you will arrive at your destination, you would use the Speed, Distance, Time formula. To enable the use of a calculator we must convert the minutes (or seconds as per the example) to a decimal. Once calculated, the navigator would not say, “We will arrive in 3.5 hours, …

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Latitude and Longitude

Writing latitude and longitude correctly is extremely important. The next person on watch must be able to read and understand what you have written on the chart and in the log book. Latitude should always be written first (in some areas in the USA longitude is written first, latitude first is more widely accepted): E.g.                         …

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The Great Circle

The Great Circle is the largest circle that can be drawn around the Earth’s sphere. When cutting a sphere exactly in half you have cut along one of its great circles. All Meridians are great circles. The Equator is a great circle (i.e. cutting the Earth in half). Great circles are useful in planning routes …

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