Get Your Marine Radio Licence via Zoom

$299.00 AUD

Option (1) Two evenings or Option (2) one day.

This is the payment only pageYou need to have already registered your interest. If you haven’t done so, then click here

1) 17:30 – 19:00/19:30 AEDT   :   Tues 9th & Weds 11th March 2021
2) 10:00 – 16:00/16:30 AEDT   :   Sunday 28th March 2021
$210 plus OMC assessment fee $89 = TOTAL $299

VHF/MF/HF Licences (Australian Waters Qualification – to be confirmed): subscribe for updates

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Get your Marine Radio Licence via zoom for these reasons (and many more!)

Click here Listen (or read) how we used the HF (long range) radio to help a skipper who had been injured onboard in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
Using the radio correctly will help you in an emergency, saving you precious seconds and helping the authorities reach you quicker.
You can always tell those who use the radio who don’t have their licence! Be confident, be knowledgeable and therefore safe – your licence is internationally recognised and lasts a lifetime.

Marine Radio Operators Handbook (VHF/MF/HF)

VHF Marine Radio Operators Handbook

Order a copy

The hard copy of the Marine Radio Handbook should be carried on board for future refence.
Purchase manuals here.


Tues 9th & Weds 11th March 2021, Sunday 28th March 2021