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Navigation Course

Introduction to Coastal Navigation

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Course content:

The degree, latitude and longitude, where on Earth are we?, distance, direction, speed/distance/time, charts, symbols and abbreviations, chart work, plotting, position fixing by bearing and distance, bearings, compass to true, true to compass, variation, deviation, three bearing fix, hand bearings, DR, estimated position, set and drift (dependent on time). Exercises/practices throughout both days. Step by step manual and exercise book to enable work to continue at home easily PLUS on-going support and more practice/step-by-step instructions with manuals.

Important Note: You will need the official AUS252 paper chart and a Navigation tool kit. If you’d like to purchase these from us, you can do so below.
The SisterShip Nav Kit contains:
  • A Portland plotter
  • Brass dividers
  • Pencil compass
  • Soft pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • all kept safe and protected from damage in a handy pouch.
Navigation tool kit and pouch