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Navigation Course

Introduction to Coastal Navigation

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Don’t forget to use quality earphones to avoid distractions (most laptops do not have good speakers).

Course content:

The degree, latitude and longitude, where on Earth are we?, distance, direction, speed/distance/time, charts, symbols and abbreviations, chart work, plotting, position fixing by bearing and distance, bearings, compass to true, true to compass, variation, deviation, three bearing fix, hand bearings, DR, estimated position, set and drift, leeway, double the angle of the bow, running fix, transit bearings, EP, deviation cards… etc

Exercises/practices throughout both days. Step by step manual and exercise book to enable work to continue at home easily PLUS on-going support and more practice/step-by-step instructions with manuals.

Salient points: On some of the exercises we have listed Salient Points. These are only an approximate latitude to the item you need to find on your chart, it is not the answer, just a time saving technique.

If you struggle with understanding one of our answers during the practice elements, just give us a call, or drop a quick email and we can find the solution together. 

You just need your equipment (as below) and you are good to go.

Important Note:

You will need the AUS252 paper chart and a navigation tools. If you’d like to purchase these from us (individually or a set), click the green buttons below:

Ensure you have a soft pencil eraser and 2B pencils.
Discounted prices for enrolled learners.

All the Tools: $199.00
All the items you will need (2 x books, Portland Plotter Ruler, Brass Dividers, Pencil Compass, Chart)

Or order individually:

Tool Set: $120.00
Portland Plotter
Brass dividers
Pencil compass

AUS252 Chart: $34.00

Books: $49.99
Navigation Manual
Q&A Manual