Life onboard

Onboard Paperwork

What official paperwork do you need onboard your boat?   We’ve received requests for the following documentation at various times during our travels: (Ensure you check the requirements for the country you are visiting.)   Imperative Visas Passports The ship’s papers (original certificates) Crew lists – multiple copies at hand The original insurance certificate for …

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Visitors On Board

What’s it like to live aboard? Well, you could always visit a friend with a boat, but it’s not as simple as turning up, there are things to learn BEFORE stepping on board! Rules for Staying on Our Boat We briefed visitors with a short email or telephone conversation before they arrived.  But many boat …

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Loss of Steering

Top 5 Tips for Emergency Steering An emergency tiller is an important back up to have on board. Stow the tiller in an easy-to-grab spot while at sea. Ensure everyone on board knows where it is and how it fits together and operates. A sea trial in a calm, relaxed situation is the time to …

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Sea Change

Are you just stepping into the cruising world? Or are you a seasoned salty? I’ve journeyed from newbie to professional mariner – I get it – I understand what it is like. Here I look at it from both points of view – both will learn something from this story. (As well as a gem …

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Top Twenty Tips for Living on Board – Fun, but with some gems!

The Beginning of the End Reality Reflections (You can listen to this via podcast here) I didn’t talk to my husband for two days because his peculiar answers to my, perhaps, naïve nautical questions left me bewildered. Back then, as a mere fledgling to sailing, my raw researching met brutal honesty head-on. With travel and …

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