Lightning storm at the Nicobars

Weather is fundamental to sailors. We used Weatherfax. Through our SSB (HF) radio (long-range) at certain times of the day and night, we could dial up a frequency, link the laptop to the radio, and receive synoptic charts. Simple software that we downloaded from the Internet decoded the signal. Receiving free twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six, forty-eight …

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Training Session

Good Seamanship = Safety = More Enjoyment

PartnerShip Training – soon to be launched!   Good seamanship translates to safety on the water, which means more enjoyment! Training is imperative, for everyone. SisterShip Training offers courses for everyone and all-women courses when requested. But everyone on board must have sound knowledge of all aspects, so we are pleased to announce some new …

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Melbourne to Hobart Race

FIRST DOUBLE-HANDED ALL-WOMEN CREW. “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Lisa Blair as the first double-handed all-women crew in the ORCV Melbourne to Hobart Yacht Race.” Details: Working in partnership with d’Albora Marinas, Lisa, with Jackie co-skippering are set to make history as the first all-female double-handed team to race in the ORCV Melbourne to …

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Visitors On Board

What’s it like to live aboard? Well, you could always visit a friend with a boat, but it’s not as simple as turning up, there are things to learn BEFORE stepping on board! Rules for Staying on Our Boat We briefed visitors with a short email or telephone conversation before they arrived.  But many boat …

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Why do a course?

What’s the point of a course when you can learn as you go and find information online? A similar question was asked in a forum recently, which got me thinking. In Australia, you can set off in your own boat (non-commercial) without any license or qualification at all (over a certain speed you do need …

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Loss of Steering

Top 5 Tips for Emergency Steering An emergency tiller is an important back up to have on board. Stow the tiller in an easy-to-grab spot while at sea. Ensure everyone on board knows where it is and how it fits together and operates. A sea trial in a calm, relaxed situation is the time to …

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